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40% reduction in the price of Southern Comfort whiskey – “Good deal”

Southern Comfort is a favorite with whiskey experts and novices alike and is a bar cart staple for many cocktail aficionados across the UK. And right now, there is no better time to stock up, as it got a big discount on Amazon.

Usually priced at £ 43.94, you can currently buy a bottle of Southern Comfort Whiskey for just £ 26.57 – that’s a 40 percent discount that saves you £ 17.37.

To buy: Amazon (£ 26.57)

One enthusiastic reviewer said the whiskey is a “brilliant buy. Can’t be beat on the price – beats the price of the supermarket. The product is genuine and I would definitely recommend it ”.

Southern Comfort hails from New Orleans and uses a blend of whiskey, fruit and spices to create a truly unique spirit.

To buy: Amazon (£ 26.57)

While whiskey isn’t usually your go-to drink, you can mix up some sweet and delicious cocktails that might turn you into a convert.

To make a Southern Berry Sour, just add:

Three cranberries


50 ml of southern comfort

100 ml cranberry juice

50 ml Sicilian lemonade

A dash of lemon juice

In a glass, mix gently and garnish with a lemon wedge for a perfect cocktail for an afternoon in the sun.

If you prefer a Pornstar Martini, you can shake 35ml of Southern Comfort with 10ml of passion fruit puree, 10ml of passion fruit syrup, 10ml of fresh lime juice and 25ml of cranberry juice in a shaker. martini glass.

This cocktail is like a slightly less sweet version of the cult classic cocktail.

You can purchase a 1.5L bottle of Southern Comfort while it’s still for sale on Amazon here.

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