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45 Best Whiskey Cocktails: Easy Drink Recipes

If you are unfamiliar with whisky, do whiskey cocktails can seem confusing. Above all, it is important to know when to use each variety. There is of course the classic whiskey, Irish whiskey, and then we have rye, scotch and bourbon, which are types of whisky.

No need to worry though! I’m going to make it easy for you, as I share 45 of the best whiskey cocktail recipes. This slideshow includes well-known cocktails such as Mint Julep, Hot Toddy, Old Fashioned and some modern twists including Lynchburg lemonades, Bourbon Smash recipes and even a whiskey slushie!

Fun fact: Whiskey was first invented as medicine!

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What whiskey should I use for cocktails?

Bourbon tends to be the favorite, especially when it comes to Mint Juleps and old-school cocktails. The reason for this is that bourbon is much smoother than traditional whiskey.

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Many people say that the rise in popularity of whiskey is due to the craft movement. Craft beer and craft cocktails are a hot commodity and whiskey cocktails are tucked away there.

Whiskey has become so trendy that there is even a Downton Abbey-cocktail inspired by whiskey!

How to make cocktails with whiskey at home

It is quite simple to prepare whiskey cocktails at home. Most recipes simply require adding ingredients to a glass. The only equipment required for most is a shaker. And unique ice cubes are also very trendy at the moment… all of large spheres and squares of ice cubesat stainless steel whiskey stones. Of course, these ice cubes are optional, but very appealing.

What cocktails can you make with Irish cream and whisky?

Coffee cocktails are the first that come to mind. The original Irish Coffee consisted of coffee, a shot of whiskey and whipped cream. The version we see nowadays based on an Irish Cream Liqueur is just a modern version.

If you don’t want to be stuck shaking cocktails all night long for your guests, maybe consider setting up a Whiskey Collins bar or Whiskey Sour station yourself. Simply put all the ingredients (you can find some recipes in the slideshow) in decorative containers and you have a festive cocktail station for all occasions!

Best Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Which easy whiskey cocktail do you think you’ll try first? Will it be a classic recipe like Mint Julep, Whiskey Fizz or Old Fashioned? Or maybe you want a more modern cocktail like a Peanut Butter Manhattan or a Blackberry Bourbon Smash? Whichever whiskey recipe you choose, you can bet it will be delicious!

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