Whiskey cocktail

6 mouth-watering whiskey cocktails recommended by India’s top bartenders that you must try

You may be the best drink maker in your group, a master mixer in your home bar, but when it comes to real whiskey cocktails, bartenders often set slightly unassailable standards. Learned from experts and practiced daily with the most stylish tricks, these bartenders know cocktails almost like the back of their hand. You wake up any bartender on this list in the middle of the night and ask them to make a cocktail, 9/10 they’ll nail it – we give them a bad day with the odds. Up front, three of India’s top bartenders share with you their favorite smoky whiskey cocktails, the recipe and their favorite whiskey to go with the fusion, take notes.

6 mouth-watering whiskey cocktails recommended by India’s top bartenders that you must try

Cocktails by Akhilesh Sheoran

A seasoned name in the bartending field, Akhilesh has won various competitions and accolades. He has managed beverage concepts at top restaurants and bars such as Whiskey Samba & Kimono at Chanakya, Together at 12th, SAGA, now at Tangra Project, among others. Akhilesh’s favorite spirits mainly include anything (and everything) classified as whiskey or rum.

1. Cocktail – Smoke & Spice

These avant-garde cocktails bring out the character and flavors of whiskey / any spirit used in its own way.

Ingredients & recipe:
Whisky: 50 ml, Coffee liqueur: 15 ml, Aromatic bitters: 3 dashes

Best suited whisky: Any smoked whisky, Oaken Glow or any other Speyside malt

midnight blues

2. Cocktail – Midnight Blues

Ingredients & recipe:
Islay smoked malt: 30 ml,
Campari infused with coffee: 20 ml,
Sweet vermouth infused with pineapple: 20 ml,
Amaro: 10ml, stirred, served on a large block of clear ice, smoked with applewood chips

Best suited whiskey: any smoky island malt

Cocktails from Rohan Matmary

Rohan has been a bartender in various Indian states during his decade-long (and still solid) career. An enthusiastic member of the Indian bartending community, Rohan also recently won the World Class Bartender of 2021 award.

3. Cocktail – OG Brewer

Cocktail signifies the malting and roasting of barley, a key part of whiskey making that is often overlooked.