Whiskey bar

Alexandria Restaurant Unveils New Integrated Whiskey Bar

The 30-year-old Union Street Public House neighborhood restaurant recently transformed an indoor bar into a bar dubbed 1986.

The 1,200 square foot space is named after the year the surrounding waterhole appeared in historic Alexandria, Virginia. Management estimates that the updated area can accommodate about three dozen drinkers; he plans to operate the show from 5 p.m. until closing Wednesday through Saturday.

Although it is billed as a whiskey bar – management says it expects “100 expressions of whiskey from around the world” – other spirits are also in play; Expect to find rum and tequila mixed with bourbon, rye and scotch put together. The bar is also fond of whiskey cocktails: selections on offer include vanilla Jameson and cold-brewed chamomile tea (Irish Brigade), a tequila and rye concoction enhanced by Ancho Reyes chili liqueur (Border War) and a bourbon and Campari Boulevardier.

Bar snacks include popcorn flavored with everything from cheddar cheese to country ham, Buffalo-style chicken wings, relish-topped hot dogs, breast sandwiches, and fried oyster rolls.

Status: Certified open. 121 S. Union Street, Alexandria, Virginia.; website.

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