Whiskey price

An oblivious owner forgot a case of rare whiskey at The Macallan distillery for 30 years. And, now, everything is ready to break auction records.

Sometimes forgetting can turn out to be a good thing. It was surely for an expat in Scotland who forgot his rare cask of whiskey in the warehouse of a Scottish distillery for over 30 years. The distillery in question is the famous Macallan Distillery in Moray, Scotland. According to Whiskey Hammer, the online portal that organizes the auction, the man paid $6,500 to fill the 374-litre cask with Scotch single malt in May 1988, then forgot all about it.

Thirty-four years later, the whiskey has matured beautifully in Macallan’s warehouse before the distillery calls them back. The sought-after whiskey beat the 1989 Macallan hogshead sherry cask in 2020 to become the most expensive whiskey cask per bottle ever sold at auction. According to the tasting notes, the 1988 Macallan is described as having hints of salted caramel, orange marmalade on the nose and a mouthfeel of rich spice with a finish of honeycomb and sweet orchard fruits. The barrel would yield approximately 534 bottles of 70cl of Macallan 34 year old whisky.

Last year alone, Macallan sold a cask of his 1991 Scotch with a specially commissioned NFT for a whopping $2.33 million! The barrel is thought to hold around 600 bottles of 51.1% ABV Scotch for an average price per bottle of around $3,880.

Update: The 34-year-old 1988 Macallan cask was chosen by an American buyer for nearly $1.3 million. The sale shattered the previous record of $572,000 set last year by a 30-year-old Sherry hogshead, also from The Macallan.

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