Whiskey bar

Bluebird Distilling owner opens Ardmore cafe and whiskey bar

ARDMORE, PA (KYW Newsradio) — The owner of Bluebird distillation in Phoenixville is opening a new coffee shop and cocktail bar in Ardmore next week.

Owner Jared Adkins said Chariot and Sticka coffee and whiskey bar, will use some of Bluebird’s used bourbon barrels to age the coffees.

“When we age grains in a bourbon cask, we take all of these wonderful flavors from the whiskey — like vanilla, toffee, toffee — and that gets reinfused right back into the grains,” he explained.

This is also the reason for the establishment’s name.

“There are 17 staves that go around the barrel that actually make up the wooden barrel itself, and inside those staves they are charred,” thus Char and Stave was born.

The shop will offer coffee, whiskey and virgin whiskey drinks with coffee substitutes.

“A Rittenhouse Manhattan, which will be our cafe variation on your classic Manhattan; a Café Negroni, which will be a Negroni with a cold brew topped with extra foam,” he described.

Another special is a variation of Philadelphia’s favorite Citywide.

“If you go to a bar in town and say, ‘I want a Citywide,’ it’s usually a shot and a beer,” Adkins said. “Well here it’s going to be a shot of espresso in a bourbon cask and a pour of 2 ounces of whiskey. So instead of a beer and a shot, you have your coffee and your whiskey.”

The bar opens at 7:00 for coffee, and they can start adding alcohol at 9:00. It closes at midnight. Pastries will also be available.

And, thanks to their distillery license, Char and Stave can sell Bluebird products.

“Any of our products or whiskeys that we sell at the store [in Phoenixville]you can now pick them up here in Ardmore and get the full Bluebird experience without having to travel to Phoenixville.”

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