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Buffalo whiskey trend: we’ll drink for it | To eat

Moynihan also said whiskey drinkers have a new appreciation.

“It’s kind of a new trend where people care about what they’re drinking,” he said. “Instead of drinking six beers just to drink, they’ll get an ounce or two and savor it.”

So if you’re looking to follow the trend, Moynihan suggests picking up a classic whiskey from Lucky Day’s cocktail menu or sampling various in-flight flavors.

“We’re taking the bottles off the wall and pointing people towards something new,” he said. “And if someone likes a hard-to-get bottle, we can recommend a similar one so they can buy it at a liquor store to have at home.”

If you try, you might find yourself a new hobby that involves more than just drinking alcohol.

“We don’t just do it for whisky. We are the hub of the wheel that brings the community together,” Glauser said, noting that Buffalo Bourbon Enthusiasts has been successful in raising money for various local charities. “The community aspect matters the most. It’s not just about the drink.

Bar manager Michael Lichtenthal whips up old-school bourbon at Lucky Day Whiskey Bar.

Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News

Looking to toast the growing whiskey trend? Here are some of our favorite places in Buffalo to say kudos:

Lucky Day Whiskey Bar, 320 Pearl St. Step amid the rich wood and 525 bottles on display, and there’s no doubt you’re in a whiskey bar. An extensive beer, wine and food menu is also available.