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Compass Box launches the 2022 limited edition of Vellichor

Compass Box Scotch recently announced its first limited edition whiskey of 2022… the Vellichor.

A press release from the brand indicates that this new expression is inspired by the experience, emotion and aroma of old bookstores. And collectors should know that this edition of whiskey will only have 3,246 bottles available worldwide.

Vellichor reaches 44.6% ABV and carries a suggested retail price of $450. It will be available from selected specialist retailers.

Compass Box Vellichor (image via Compass Box)

“For us, Vellichor begins with a word and an emotion: the experience of being in a second-hand bookstore and being enveloped by its aroma,” Compass Box whiskeymaker James Saxon said in a prepared statement. “We scoured Scotland to find the volumes we needed to express this, eventually uncovering two plots of Scotch whiskey from a Speyside distiller and bottler. Both were blends that had been aged further in Sherry casks and were over two decades old.

“These are some of our favorite whiskeys to work with and we have already capitalized on such discoveries with previous limited editions including The General and The Circus. Refining the very specific flavors of old books with whiskey was an emotional process for us,” he added.

Vellichor is a word described as describing and embodying the scent and nostalgia of old books found in second-hand and antique bookstores. Compass Box carries this theme through the bottle with the aesthetic of aged, well used paper, and shades of brown and yellow that convey what is said to be the accumulated age of the components of the whiskey they used. to create whisky.

The aroma carrying old books is a favorite of whiskeymaker and Compass Box founder John Glaser, along with Saxon. They both studied literature and spent a lot of time in crowded libraries. Creating a whiskey that embodies that unique atmosphere and flavor was part of the adventure for both of them, they said.

In this whiskey, Compass Box has combined rare, Sherry-matured blends with malt whiskeys from the Highland Park and Macallan distilleries, as well as a small amount of very old whiskey from the Caol Ila distillery.

Few blends contain 23-year-old whiskey from the Macallan Distillery, and even rarer are blends built around the older whiskey from the Highland Park Distillery. The smoky and tropical fruity nature of this cask set from the famed Orkney Distillery is said to have helped inspire the idea.

For more information on this limited edition, see www.compassboxwhisky.com.