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DC Whiskey Bar Jack Rose wants customers to drink their Thanksgiving dinner

Jack Rose Dining Saloon, Adams Morgan’s tiered bar known for its huge selection of whiskey, has introduced a “Drink Your Thanksgiving Dinner” menu with several cocktail dishes meant to mimic the traditional flavors of holiday dishes.

Bottled drinks include ‘Cranberry & Potatoes’ (potato vodka, intense Barrow ginger, cranberry sauce, lemon, baked apple bitters) and a ‘Stuffed Daiquiri’, with salty stuffed rum, honey. fermented garlic, sugar and lime. Other Thanksgiving dinner notes include sweet potato infused bourbon, jet-puffed marshmallow syrup, and baked citrus amaro. Director of Beverages Andy Bixby’s five-course kit for two costs $ 90.

Jack Rose offers a Thanksgiving menu filled with entrees, sides, and desserts like bourbon pies (Pre-order for pickup on Wednesday, November 25). Chef Russell Jones has also just launched a new go out and ghost kitchen delivery, “Wing Club” that sends bourbon-glazed wings alongside other fried (Cajun dry rub, Buffalo) and grilled (spicy harissa, Caroline’s barbecue) options.

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