Whiskey bar

Dr. Jerry Schwartz and Professor John Rasko craft Two Doctors whiskey and launch new whiskey bar at Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains

Two eminent Sydney doctors, Professor John Rasko and Dr Jerry Schwartz, are pooling their talents for another very worthy cause: the production of a new single malt whisky, aptly named Two Doctors.

As the first batch of six-year-old single malt whiskey nears bottling at Two Doctors Hunter Valley Distillery, a three-year-old cocktail whiskey crafted by Professor Rasko has been poured to celebrate the launch of Blue Mountain’s first dedicated whiskey. . whiskey bar – the Two Doctors Whiskey Tavern – at Dr. Schwartz’s Fairmont Resort & Spa, Blue Mountains.

During one of their first meetings in 2012, Professor Rasko discovered that Dr Schwartz operated a brewery in the Hunter Valley, and the two friends decided to start a distillery to create the first super premium whiskey distilled in Nova Scotia. South Wales.

No expense was spared in establishing the distillery, with capital investment from Dr. Schwartz. The finest bespoke wash and spirit stills were sourced from Tasmania, and Professor Rasko set out to expertly craft the finest pure malted barley spirit for maturation in vintage oak barrels sourced from premium Hunter Valley vineyards .

Bottling of Two Doctors whiskey is about to start, with the first bottles due to be unveiled in 2022.

Dr Schwartz said the partnership to create the Two Doctors brand of whiskey was the result of a happy combination of his brewery in the Hunter Valley and Professor Rasko’s interest in creating a whiskey from scratch.

“The expert cask tastings of Two Doctors Whiskey have been universally acclaimed and reflect both the investment we have made in the process and the passion and skill of John Rasko,” said Dr Schwartz.

“What will set Two Doctors whiskey apart is that most ‘new world’ distilleries start their process with gin, vodka or rum in order to get a quick return on investment. But we focus exclusively on single malt whiskey and have filled some 200 casks over the past seven years. No other distillery in Australia is likely to invest such high levels of dedication and patience in their whisky.

“As a logical extension of whiskey production, I thought we should open a dedicated whiskey bar as I had the perfect space for such a venue at my Fairmont Resort. With Professor Rasko playing a key role in our whiskey journey, the bar was simply to be called the Two Doctors Whiskey Tavern.

“There is a medical theme to the bar, with various medical equipment set up as ‘furniture’, although we are confident that a ‘doctor’s visit’ will be a much more appealing proposition than the usual appointment at doctor.

“The Fairmont is a brilliant location for a whiskey bar, as the Blue Mountains, with their mist and coolness, are very reminiscent of many Irish and Scottish places steeped in whiskey – or whiskey – heritage.

“Opening this week is a big celebration of the end of most Covid restrictions and the return of welcoming interstate and international visitors. Last week we hit 95% occupancy at the Fairmont, and it’s been a long time between drinks since we had such a strong performance.

About Two Doctors Whiskey Tavern

Two Doctors Whiskey Tavern is a refined yet quirky whiskey bar, with an intimate location in the basement of the Fairmont Resort. The bar offers an extensive list of the finest local and international whiskeys and a sustainable approach to cocktails, using Australian craft spirits and local ingredients to capture the beauty and ruggedness of the hotel’s surroundings in the Blue Mountains.

The signature cocktails will be based on three-year-old Two Doctors whiskey. Others will include Australian Trilogy, which combines Gospel Solera Rye, 23rd Street Not Your Nanna’s Brandy, carbonated peach caramel and orange bitters and Tavern Gimlet, featuring Karu Lighting Gin (an award-winning local gin distillery) paired with a house cordial of lemon myrtle, eucalyptus and lime.

Defined by four comfortable interior spaces and paying homage to whiskey taverns of yesteryear to create warmth and charm, guests can sink into leather sofas and plush velvet armchairs, and explore shelves housing books and vintage trinkets. On weekends, the tavern will host local musicians and DJs to add even more energy to the space.

To complete the experience, the tavern will offer modern classic cuisine with a twist by incorporating elements of whiskey and smoke into signature dishes such as smoked beef tartare, honey and bourbon brie with lavender, and salmon. miso and whiskey glaze with apple, fennel and kohlrabi salad.

The tavern will also offer favorites such as dry-aged steak, smash burgers and chicken wings. Desserts include a bourbon panna cotta with caramelized white chocolate, a compressed orange pecan crumble, and churros with our homemade bourbon maple caramel dip.