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Dublin tour guides on the hunt for the best shot of whiskey in town

Dublin tour guides are on the hunt for the best shot of downtown whiskey.

The guys from Cultur agus Craic, Tara, James and Noel are finally back on the streets, taking tourists to pubs and showcasing some of their favorite places to visit.

The trio are usually asked questions like where’s the best place to get a pint of Guinness, or the best place to listen to traditional music and they always have an answer.

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But they didn’t know where to send the tourists to get the best whiskey, so they took off the beer glasses, put on the whiskey glasses and headed to the capital to investigate.

Photographer and videographer Tara Morgan, told Dublin Live: “We love making our videos about Irish culture and history.

“We always have someone on our tours asking questions about Guinness of Whiskey and where the best places to go are, so that’s where the idea came from.

“We wanted to make a video for everyone, even those who had never drunk whiskey, and learn the history. Now we’re doing a series about Irish whiskey. We’re going to hit the distilleries next.

“I wasn’t a huge whiskey fan, but I drink it neat now and take in all the flavors. When you learn about it, you can enjoy it more. It’s like drinking gasoline if you don’t know what you’re doing.

“The whole thing about Irish whiskey is that it’s very versatile, you can enjoy it.

“When you pick up the glass you can say ‘I’m not drinking that, it’s disgusting’, but if you let it sit it opens. You can add water to it and get rid of that harsh taste .

“You have to know how to drink it, even the first time you drink Guinness it’s horrible. The first time might not be great, once you get into Guinness you start craving it.

Tara and the guys also got a mini history lesson when they were at work.

Culture agus Craic

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Tara said: “You hear tour guides saying that Irish whiskey should be distilled for three years and a day and Scotch whiskey should be distilled for two years. But that’s nonsense, it’s something we always say to visitors.

“Ireland was the biggest seller of whiskey in the world during the 1800s. A lot happened and the Scots passed us.

“All the big brands like Jameson, Powers, Paddy’s got together when all Irish whiskey was on the verge of extinction and moved to Midleton Distillery and they store the whiskey there in Cork.”

And now the guys are about to find the perfect place for a drink.

Tara said: “There aren’t many cocktail bars in town. As tour guides we recommend traditional pubs for Guinness, traditional music venues, but you can never think of a good cocktail bar.

“Without a doubt, Bar 1661 just off rue Capel is charming. The guys in there know their stuff and know exactly what they’re doing.

“They put Poitin in a Belfast Coffee, and I love an Irish coffee, but this one is nicer than one of those.

“Poitin, when it is distilled, can be eaten in a cocktail. We all grew up thinking you would go unconscious and blind.

“But when it’s distilled correctly, it’s like all spirits and absolutely delicious in a Belfast cafe.”

You can check out the Cultur agus Craic video here.

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