Whiskey cocktail

Eleven offers craft cocktails, gourmet apps and a killer whiskey list

Photo: Courtesy of Eleven

A The grocery store isn’t usually the first place you’d go for craft cocktails and smoky scotch pours, but Foodland breaks the mold. Walk in Eleven, which opened in December last year at Foodland Farms Ala Moana and has been a hot topic ever since. Its ultra-convenient location, art deco-inspired space, and handcrafted cocktails made with premium spirits are reason enough to pay Eleven a visit. But lovers of bourbon, Scotch and Old Fashioned will be drawn to the whiskey program, one of its most memorable offerings, which includes more than 90 whiskeys from around the world.

Eleven Fire Drink

Photo: Courtesy of Eleven

At Eleven, you are the magician of your whisky. Selecting your favorite bourbon, rye, scotch, or Japanese variety is just the start of the fun – from there, you can choose to have it served neat, over ice, or as a highball. Or, enjoy it as part of a classic cocktail such as a Manhattan, Sazerac, Sour or Old Fashioned.

For those who like peated scotches, bourbon barbecues or puffs on cigars with a glass of Glenlivet, Eleven offers another unique option that might pique your interest. Ask to have your drink smoked and the bartender will bring it straight to your table under a smoking cloche, lifted to release an Instagrammable cloud of smoke and unveil your newly infused spirit. French oak wood chips are used for this preparation, which imparts notes of chocolate, roasted coffee and a savory spicy aroma that will make you feel comfortable like a night around a campfire.

Eleven spreadable toasts

Photo: Courtesy of Eleven

As you’d expect from a bar in a grocery store, Eleven has some can’t-miss small bites, including Ho Farms Sake Smoked Salmon and Tomato Toast, which has quickly become a fan favorite. The bar also offers a trio of cocktail-inspired desserts for real after-dinner bliss: old-fashioned cream puffs, cheese panna cotta and mocha candies.

For more information or to book, visit elevenhi.com.