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Whiskey is something we all love, a passion we greatly share. It brings people together, puts big smiles on our faces, and gives us a way to pass the time. There’s plenty of whiskey to do this with, but Westward Whiskey is one whiskey in particular to get excited about.

Westward Whiskey is an American whiskey, not as we thought it was, but as we should see the future for American whiskey. Unique. Defined not by traditional bourbon boundaries, but rather by the cutting edge of American single malt, a style of coming-of-age whiskey as individual as our bold nation.

Westward, as a leader in this category, aims to embrace all things American. An entrepreneurial dream, it started as a small business like so many other well-loved brands today. And who doesn’t love an American business success story?

Westward Whiskey wallet (image via Westward Whiskey)

What drives Westward’s narrative is the idea of ​​forging their own path, taking the concepts of place (their humble beginnings in the Pacific Northwest), people (those behind this whisky) and of process (how their brown spirit is uniquely crafted), and blending them all together into something you can sip from a glass while pondering its depths.

Where is Westward from? A place of wild beauty and unspoilt nature that brings the best of ingredients to their whisky. Influenced by the four seasons, the real star here is the barley grain that forms the heart of what this whiskey is, sourced from fertile lands that share the North West region with the distillery.

The people? Like you. Real Americans who dream of creating something awesome and unique. Skilled workers and creative individuals who put their talents together to create a special spirit worthy of recognizing the traditions of whiskey making, but also in a spirit that goes far beyond the limits of what is at this who can be.

And the process? Magical. The best of what whiskey making can be. Brewing an American beer, the basis of whiskey, with local barley grain and a specialized fermentation process. Distill beer through custom low reflux stills to create a warm spirit. Aging this spirit in lightly charred American oak barrels until the time is right. Bringing together what is in these barrels in small batches to develop a unique whiskey with Westward’s balanced and bold flavor profile.

And given that there’s now a perfect American whiskey in front of you, crafted with passion by people as unique as you, the perfect time to enjoy it is during the most American time of year: summer. Summer, like American single malt whisky, speaks to us of special days, of gatherings with friends and family, of a slower time meant to savor and appreciate traditions old and new.

How do you like it though? Responsibly, of course – that is first and foremost. It can be a sip, enjoyed in a water glass alone or over ice while you sit on the terrace of a bar or in your summer lawn chair in your garden with your loved ones. Or, if you grill, why not in a cocktail like a special Old Fashioned recipe that we present to you below?

So yes, Westward is an American whiskey. It’s American because it’s made by Americans, inspired by part of America, and drunk by Americans. It’s not bourbon, it’s not rye – it’s innovation in a glass that honors tradition while igniting change. And, after all, doesn’t innovation and change make our country a really good place to live? We think so.

Old fashioned Sunriver

  • 2oz. Westward Single Malt American Whiskey
  • 0.25oz. Citrus Passion Fruit Syrup
  • 3 dashes Lime Coriander Bitters
  • Method: Stir
  • Garnish: lemon wedge
westward whiskey

Sunriver Old Fashioned (image via Westward Whiskey)

This article is sponsored by Westward Whiskey.