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Introducing Scotti’s Original Springs Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A new trend is here in the liquor industry that is embracing hardier spirits, appealing to consumers looking for bolder flavors, nostalgia, character and class. Innovation, insight, and technology are gaining momentum with the ever-evolving alcohol distillation process. The longer a spirit ages in a barrel does not mean the better the flavor profile of a spirit. This can be said for tequila, bourbon and whiskey.

Beverage Dynamics says, “In other words, production has improved as new distillers perfect their methods. We see no reason for this movement towards quality younger whiskeys to slow down anytime soon.”

Scotti’s Original Springs Bourbon was born out of love for pure original bourbon produced in post-prohibition Kentucky. Doug Scotti’s grandfather, Pete Scotti, opened Scotti’s Liquor Store in downtown St. Louis in the 1940s. At Scotti’s, you could walk into the bar for a drink and buy liquor directly at the store. At the time, it was more socially acceptable to drink during the working day, and the customers ranged from ordinary people, businessmen, lawyers, bankers to government employees and the police.

Doug Scotti recalls, “My grandfather knew his customers would buy more from his store if his prices were reasonable.” Pete created his own mottos: “Fast nickels are better than slow pennies” and “If you don’t buy it from me, we both lose money”. Scotti’s Liquor Store sold all traditional brand whiskeys and over time began to develop its own brand, Scotti’s Original Springs straight bourbon.

A few years ago, Doug came across a bottle of his grandfather’s bourbon on eBay and took it as a sign to restore his grandfather’s legacy. There are too many bourbons today that have weak ties to heritage or authenticity. Doug remembered the legacy of his grandfather and the brand he developed years ago and wanted to recreate the original look and feel of a 1940s bourbon. fast to date, Scotti’s Original Springs (a 2-year-old neat bourbon) is the latest player in the bourbon category launching in 2021.

Authenticity, stories, uniqueness – these are what help brands stand out on today’s crowded shelves. Doug says, “We brought this recipe to consumers as a reminder of his passion.” Scotti’s Bourbon is a high-quality, sweet bourbon priced just right for an “appeal” bourbon, reasonably priced for the everyday drinker. To enhance the original flavor, the veteran-owned distillery, R6 Distillery, used 100% California purple barley, rye and corn.

Doug decided to keep the ABV at 45% to maintain the highest proof trend. As Thrillist states, “It’s this desire to connect with the pure process, fueled by a romantic sense of ‘simpler times’ spirit production, that appeals to consumers.”

Purple barley, a rare grain, is a non-traditional ingredient in traditional bourbon. Native to the Tibetan mountains grown at levels of 9000 feet. The seeds were placed in a seed box for a century and then planted in the Willamette Valley OR. It is an ancient grain (non-GMO). Doug Scotti also states, “The uniqueness of the purple barley in the mash bill gives the bourbon a uniquely nutty flavor, with a hearty flavor and finish. The color is rich and deep and is part of our family tradition.

Whiskey Magazine gets more specific on this subject stating: “When creating a new whiskey recipe or modifying an old one, these grains give the distiller more options in terms of the final spirit”.

R6 Distillery is a veteran and family owned distillery located in El Segundo, California, just south of Los Angeles International Airport. Rob Rubens built a grain-to-glass distillery and uses local ingredients. Rob maintains a close relationship with his farmers and recycles grain for livestock feed. Scotti Original Springs Bourbon is produced by hand from start to finish, with each bottle examined and the bottles numbered by cask.

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