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It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Four Walls Whiskey

While the pandemic has hit a lot of people and businesses pretty hard, the three men from FXX It’s always sunny in Philadelphia have a special affinity for bars and bartenders. The TV show, now entering its record 15th season, surrounds a group of self-absorbed friends who run an Irish bar called Paddy’s Pub. And in an example of life mimicking art, the show’s stars and co-creators – Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney – have launched a new brand of whiskey called Four Walls.

So far, Four Walls consists of two whiskeys, with all proceeds going to non-profit organizations that specifically help bars and bartenders whose businesses have suffered since the pandemic. Leading the way is a bottle of Cask Strength Single Barrel single malt Irish whiskey that has aged in ex-bourbon casks for 15 years to honor the show’s 15-year history. This extremely rare maturation is made even more exclusive by the limited series of only 755 bottles, all accompanied by cards autographed by the boys themselves.

The second expression is made to be a utilitarian whiskey that you can sip neat or mix into a cocktail. The Bartender’s Blend Limited Edition blends triple distilled Irish whiskey aged 5 years with Wigle Whiskey, an award-winning artisan brand from Pennsylvania.

Although there has been an undeniable increase in celebrity-owned liquor over the past decade, Four Walls is one of the most notable, not only for its exceptional rarity and quality, but also for the way which it is set up to help the community in the process. You can pick up one of these exquisite bottles on the Four Walls website, along with the Bartender’s Blend for $90 and the Single Barrel 15-Year-Old Cask Strength for $1,000.

Purchase: $90+