Whiskey cocktail

Jameson Irish Whiskey brings back the party with St. Patrick’s Day

Why do we need two St. Patrick’s Days?

What inspired this idea was really the recognition that due to the pandemic, we haven’t really been able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like we used to for the past two years. This year, what we really wanted to do was make up for those two missed years with family and friends.

That’s why in 2022, Jameson wanted to take an official stand on this and say, you know what, St. Patrick’s Day, let’s make it a double party. We want to make sure that we encourage consumers to come together with family and friends to celebrate – responsibly, I might add – on Thursday March 17 and Friday March 18, because we know we don’t really have had this opportunity to do so for the past two years.

How do you hope people make the most of the two-day St. Patrick’s Day this year?

It’s about getting together with family and friends. As part of our campaign, [there is] the opportunity to enter for a variety of different prizes. One of them actually sends a $20.22 gift [on Venmo] to consumers, so they can use it to have a drink with their friends or family members.

It’s about making sure we present ourselves in different ways, no matter where those consumers are. Whether it’s virtual, or whether they’re at home with family and friends, or showing up at a bar,. We want to make sure that we present ourselves to consumers. What’s nice about it is that the $20.22 is a fun play on the year 2022. On top of that, we’re giving away an Uber Eats voucher. It’s up to $30 to ensure that on March 18 we can deliver a full Irish breakfast. This includes meals, delivery and tips. We’ve got that covered for consumers too – inspiring consumers to get together with family and friends, whether it’s Thursday or Friday.