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LiveWire Cocktail Launches Whiskey Cocktail With Tiki Author Shannon Mustipher

LiveWire Cocktail Co. recently partnered with cocktail book author Shannon Mustipher for their new bottling, Holy Tyger.

Inspired by a drink from his book, “Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails”, the release is a whiskey sour riff with hints of citronella, made with Straight Bourbon, Rockey’s Liqueur, Coconut, Lime and Jamaican # 1 Bitters, depending on tasting official Remarks. The brand’s art is composed by Baltimore artist Nolen Strals and features bold lines, featuring Japanese imagery in the traditional American tattoo style.

“One of my favorite things about the drinking culture in New York City is the ‘nutcracker’ – and the enterprising individuals who turned their selling into a lucrative side business,” Mustipher said in a prepared press release. “The Holy Tyger is perfect for a park or beach – think of it as my high nutcracker response – easy to drink, straight or on the rocks.”

Holy Tyger is what Shannon describes as a ‘beach drink’, a tangy whiskey riff with hints of lemongrass (image via LiveWire Cocktail)

Mustipher is also LiveWire’s first collaborating bartender on the East Coast, using what is described as taxonomy as a way to deepen his own knowledge, while also using that understanding to then push the boundaries and explore. With this, she educates and works with brands to help consumers better understand different spirits and drinks.

After launching a rum-focused Caribbean bar at Gladys Caribbean in 2014, she founded Women Who Tiki, a tropical cocktail-centric pop-up that brings together a team of female bartenders to share their talents and collaborate on the creation of an evening -only experience. Mustiphers’ writings, recipes and opinions have been featured in a number of publications including Vinepair, Saveur, Imbibe, GQ.com and Liquor.com.

Created in Los Angeles and produced in Ventura, Calif., LiveWire was founded in March 2020 by LA bartender Aaron Polsky, who works with the world’s best bartenders to create canned cocktails. Holy Tyger will be LiveWire’s second bottle, after Chris Patino’s Alley Cat Old Fashioned.

Holy Tyger is available in a 375ml bottle for a retail price of $ 24.99 in California and New York and on the official distillery website.

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