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Metallica’s New Rye the Lightning Whiskey Was Blasted With Heavy-Metal – Robb Report

After releasing the first American whiskey Blackened, Metallica is offering fans an encore.

Heavy metal veterans, along with Blackened master distiller Rob Dietrich, have unveiled a new limited edition called Rye the Lightning. If the name sounds somewhat familiar to you, that’s because the rye whiskey was inspired by the band’s acclaimed second album. ride the lightning.

The expression, made from pure Kentucky rye aged five to eight years, was matured twice in barrels of Madeira wine and Caribbean rum for a period of two to 14 weeks each. As with the other whiskeys in the Blackened range, the Rye has also undergone the exclusive Black Noise sound enhancement process. In other words, he was blasted with the aforementioned six-times platinum album as he sat in the finishing barrels.

Naturally, Rye is best enjoyed while listening to “Ride the Lightning.”


According to Blackened, Metallica’s music actually leads to more flavor and color. Essentially, the sound vibrations shake the finishing casks and increase the interaction between the wood and the whiskey. The resulting 90-degree alcohol is said to have notes of dried fig, hay, pine wood, pear and rum cake on the nose, as well as clover honey, mint, corn husk, sugar cane, walnut and cinnamon on the palate.

“I love the spicy, earthy notes of American rye whisky,” Dietrich said in a statement. “I wanted to play with these flavor profiles by bringing a symmetry of subtle flavor elements by combining not just one, but two different cask finishes to the whiskey, creating a complex balance between sweet and salty.”

Blackened Rye Lightning

Blackened master distiller Rob Dietrich worked with Metallica on the new expression.


Metalheads might be interested to know that Dietrich and Metallica didn’t beat the rye with the original version of ride the lightning, That is. To kick it up a notch, the duo created a playlist from Metallica’s 2012 Orion Music Festival set – the only time the band performed the album live in its entirety.

“The crowd vibe at the first Orion Music Festival was electrifying,” added bassist Rob Trujillo. “And it’s really cool that we can capture that energy in this release.”

Fans can even download a digital version of the playlist, which includes hits like hit singles “Fade to Black” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” by scanning a QR code on Blackened’s website or at bottle packaging.

Available at select retailers, Rye the Lightning will set you back around $70 a bottle. From bottom to top, thrashers.