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New brand of whiskey gallops to Texas with small-batch bourbon and rye

A new brand of spirits that promises to be a completely different breed is coming to town with two labels likely to get a head start on the liquor industry in Texas.

Austin-based Landry Distillery, the first whiskey brand inspired by the world of quarterhorse racing, launched with two offerings: Landry Stakes Bourbon and Landry Oaks Rye. Named after iconic types of quarter horse racing, the two will hit major markets in Texas and New Mexico by the end of the year.

The opening of a distillery and whiskey tasting room in the Hill Country is expected to follow soon after.

Landry Distillery founder Zach Landry, a third-generation owner of racing-class quarter horses and avid bourbon enthusiast, was inspired by the Ruidoso Downs racetrack in southern New Mexico when creating the brand. .

The track hosts two of the American Quarter Horse Association’s Triple Crown races – the All American Futurity and the Rainbow Futurity – the latter won by Landry’s grandfather in 1994.

“There are few things I enjoy more than a weekend with friends watching a quarterhorse race. Sipping a good bourbon is one of them,” Landry says. to join the rich heritage of Texas whiskey makers. I hope whiskey drinkers enjoy Stakes Bourbon and Oaks Rye as much as I enjoyed making them.

Much like a pandemic project, Landry spent the last year working with a family-owned craft distillery in southern Mississippi to create a small batch of rye and bourbon that he hoped could go neck and neck with ” the Pappys of the world” – in reference to the highly sought-after and exorbitant family reserve bourbon from the Old Rip Van Winkle distillery – all without breaking the bank.

He also tapped a local spirits authority to help launch the brand: Gary Crowell, the co-founder of Deep Eddy Vodka and Austin’s Nine Banded Whiskey, who partnered with Landry and was able to provide unparalleled expertise in industry.

“I launched five brands and viewed twice as many. Working with Zach on Landry Distillery was a unique experience and more fun than one should have at work,” admits Crowell. “I’m proud to say it’s one of the best whiskeys I’ve ever tasted.”

Overproof Landry Oaks Rye and Landry Stakes Bourbon are blended and bottled in Austin using cask strength whiskey from a small family distillery. The rye features a rich, oaky aroma with flavors of toasted breadcrumbs, ginger, dates, figs and candied pecans, according to the distillery, while the bourbon is anchored by “a robust wash of caramel and pepper. black that folds into a haze of vanilla, with smoky chopped pecans and a lingering cinnamon highlight.”

Each blend is sold in 750 milliliter bottles, with the Oaks Rye selling for $49 and the Stakes Bourbon selling for $59.

The distillery also plans to launch a collectible spirit in the spring that will be inspired by an esteemed quarter-horse racing champion. This limited release will come in a gift box with branded glassware and will cost around $125.

For more information on the Landry distillery and to follow the evolution of the company, visit the brand on Instagram.