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Optimum First Mortgage to Implement Black Knight Empower Lending System and Other Integrated Solutions to Support Growth

Black Knight’s end-to-end, all-in-one technology delivers a digital ecosystem designed to support business expansion

– Optimum First Mortgage replaced its current LOS with the cloud-based Black Knight Empower loan origination system, which provides comprehensive, integrated capabilities to support its growth plans and increase profitability

– The mortgage lender is currently using the Optimal Blue Product, Pricing and Eligibility (PPE) engine

– In addition to Empower LOS, Optimum First Mortgage will implement several other Black Knight origination products, including digital point-of-sale and closeout solutions; machine learning technology; a premium paid service; reliable property tax data; automated compliance validation tests; flood zone determination services; and actionable intelligence

JACKSONVILLE, Florida., March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI) today announced that Optimum First Mortgage, a hybrid mortgage broker and lender headquartered in Fountain Valley, California.signed a contract to implement the Black Knight Empower Loan Origination System (LOS) and its suite of integrated solutions to support the company’s goals of expanding its business and transitioning to a large-scale lender.

“We wanted to scale our operations, automate processes and support compliance using newer technology,” said Matt Doman, President, Optimum First Mortgage. “Because we had used Optimal Blue PPE before and signed up to use Surefire, Black Knight’s CRM and marketing solution, we knew about Black Knight’s superior technology and knew it would help our business grow. and to better prepare our operations for the future.”

Optimum First Mortgage will implement Empower LOS to electronically process loans for its retail and wholesale channels on a single platform. The cloud-based system offers advanced features designed to automate the processing of certain tasks based on the lender’s configuration with minimal human intervention – often referred to as “non-disruptive processing”. Empower actively monitors key data changes – or lack thereof – and triggers automated or manual task execution based on lender-configurable logic as appropriate, further mitigating risk and increasing integrity Datas.

Black Knight’s advanced platform also includes a digital point-of-sale solution that improves the mortgage application process for borrowers and loan officers; machine learning technology for document classification and indexing; a digital fence solution with e-delivery and e-signature capabilities; a comprehensive fee service to help mitigate fee cures; reliable property tax data; automated compliance validation tests; floodplain services and reports; and an actionable intelligence solution that provides instant access to insights from multiple data sources to help predict and monitor pipeline, productivity, cycle time, and pull-through. Black Knight will integrate the Optimal Blue PPE engine and the Surefire CRM and Mortgage Marketing solution with the LOS.

“Black Knight is uniquely positioned to help Optimum First Mortgage effectively achieve its business goals as the company expands its size and reach,” said Rich Gagliano, president of Black Knight Origination Technologies. “By leveraging the full integration of Black Knight origination products through our Empower LOS, Optimum First is preparing for even greater success and to better support its customers every step of the lending process.”

About the Dark Knight

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About Optimum First Mortgage

Optimum First Mortgage has funded over 20,000 loans since its inception and has established itself as the low cost leader in the loan market. The sheer volume of Optimum First allows them to earn less per loan than the next. They’re not looking to make a homerun with a few loans, they’re looking to make a little on a lot of loans. Optimum First Mortgage is a direct lender, but they also have the unique ability to broker loans. As Optimum First can negotiate loans, they have access to around thirty different banking fee schedules. They use a computer program to go through these rate sheets daily, ensuring that they offer their clients the most competitive loan prices available.

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