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Philadelphia’s most unique whiskey and bourbon drinks

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania There are many ways to have a drink with whiskey, and Philadelphia is known for its love of spirit. Here are some unique whiskey drinks to enjoy in Philadelphia. These are just a few of the best places to find local whiskey and some of the best whiskey drinks in town.

The Best Bourbon and Whiskey Cocktails in Philadelphia

Fette Sau – Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

Tennessee Whiskey

There’s no better place to celebrate International Whiskey Day than at Fette Sau, where they offer over two hundred whiskies. Experience on-site smoked dry-rubbed meat, beer and whiskey served in industrial-rustic digs with picnic tables. Try a house favorite—Tennessee Whiskey–where bourbons are slowly charcoal-sweetened, drop-by-drop, filtered through sugar maple charcoal before aging. This imparts a sweetness to the distillate by removing impurities.

Steak48 – South Broad Street, Philadelphia

Exclusive Single Barrel Blanton’s Bourbon

The owners of Steak48 bought two barrels of, unblended, aged whiskey and curated its flavor profiles to match menu items. What better way to celebrate National Whiskey Day than with Steak 48’s very exclusive whiskey blend that is not available anywhere else in the world.

Dolce Italian – Chestnut Street, Philadelphia

Cocktail “Lion’s Tail”

See you at Dolce Italian, a chic return to the new W Hotel. Treat yourself to refined yet accessible Italian cuisine, accompanied by an Italian-inspired aperitif, cocktails and digestives in the evening. Leave your worries at home and enjoy their famous Lion’s Tail, including maker’s brand liqueur, allspice, lime and bitters.

Southwark – 4th Street, Philadelphia

Cocktail “Yeah, fuck you too”

With the best selection of rye in town, and some would say the country, Southwark is the perfect place to celebrate any event. treat yourself for Infused Southwark Cocktail with Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Braulio, Demerara and Absinthe Rinse.

The Twisted Tail – 2nd Street, Philadelphia

Cocktail “Old-fashioned WOM”

Sip, savor and socialize at The Twisted Tail, where you can enjoy a taste of the South, blues and bourbon. The rustic horseshoe bar offers more than 50 whiskey variations, but don’t forget to try the WOM Old Fashion, featuring whiskey of the month, raw sugar, bitters and citrus.

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