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Popular whiskey and cocktail tasting events are back at Number Ten in Great Barrington | Stephanie Gravalese

What do you get when you combine a passion for American whiskeys and classic cocktails with a genuine curiosity for craft cocktails and spirits?

You get TalkTails, the informal series bringing together American whiskey lovers, and the Curious Classic Cocktail, which returns to Number Ten Great Barrington in April. The tasting and training sessions are led by David Guenette, Bar Manager at Number Ten.

On Monday April 18 at 6:00 p.m., the first session is called TalkTails: Cocktail of the month and explores the cocktails the restaurant plans to add to its cocktail menu.

They will present a different cocktail each month for $12. This TalkTails session features the cocktails they will present, one per month, from April to June.

Monday, April 25 at 6:00 p.m. Discover the new whiskeys, part 2 takes a look at some newcomers to America’s number ten whiskey list and explains why they were selected and what those selections taste like. Additionally, this session takes a look at some of the newest cask secondary finishing whiskeys.

For those who might be worried about imbibing on a Monday, the event was designed for both education and fun, according to an email announcement. “Sessions are shorter than previous ones and more informal, with brief handouts to guide each session,” explains Guenette, “As was the case before, I will be managing drink portions so that we can cover the ground of a session (i.e., 3 or 4 drinks) but stay safe with alcohol volume limits. Nuts, pretzels or the like will be provided for snacks”

TalkTails is $22 per person, per session. Typically, three or four themed tasting drinks will be served per session. TalkTails start at 6am and last approximately one hour, at number ten located at 10 Castle Street in Great Barrington. Registration is mandatory, as the group is limited to 8 participants per session. To reserve your spot, call Number Ten (413-528-5244) or email info@numbertengb.com.