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Review: Dashfire Ready-to-Drink Old Fashioned Variety Pack

Editor’s Note: These products were provided to us as a review sample by Dashfire. This in no case, by our editorial policiesinfluenced the final result of this review.

It’s no secret that the world of ready-to-drink cocktails is a booming market. The past couple of years have seen some panic over the closure of local bars as well as the inability to sit in a favorite haunt, enjoying a good cocktail in dim lighting. Dashfire, a family business that started out producing bitters, branched out to ready-made cocktails, hoping that their specially crafted cocktails could deliver some of that local bar feel we’ve all been missing.

Based in Minnesota, Dashfire has made a name for themselves with their bitters. Personally, I enjoyed their bitters and was excited to sample their new version of Dashfire Ready-to-Drink Old Fashioned Variety Packs.

Dashfire owner Lee Egbert said of the release, “Anyone who drinks Old Fashioneds knows there are as many variations as there are stars in the sky. That’s why having just one Old Fashioned didn’t seem like enough. This diverse collection of Old Fashioneds allowed us to use unique base spirits and then build a full flavor profile around that base spirit.

The variety pack includes three 100ml cans, with flavors that include Rye & Ginger, Cane & Allspice, and a classic Bourbon with hints of cherry and orange. The enjoyment of this pack and other ready-to-drink options will definitely depend on your preferences. I prefer to be able to tweak and customize my cocktails as I mix them, something I might try with the Dashfire Old Fashioned selections, but since they all start out pretty well, and I don’t know much about the real spirit the cocktail is made with, that makes it harder.

I also find that the spirit itself is a crucial part of a great Old Fashioned, and when the cocktail arrives pre-mixed, one is left to the devices of the company that mixed it. I find the bourbon and rye that is featured in two of the cocktails to be lost, despite being a 35% ABV alcoholic beverage per 100ml. Ultimately, the Dashfire Ready-to-Drink Old Fashioned Variety Pack is a perfectly acceptable addition to the home cocktail market and will certainly appeal to drinkers who like a quick and tasty option.

Dashfire Old Fashioned Cocktails (image via Dashfire)

Tasting Notes: Dashfire Ready-to-Drink Old Fashioned Variety Pack

Vital Stats: Classic Old Fashioned is made with bourbon, aromatic orange and cherry (38% ABV). The rum is made with three-year-old rum, allspice, and Demerara sugar (35% ABV). The Rye comes with hints of ginger (35% ABV).

Prints: The Bourbon Old Fashioned is balanced, pleasant and was my favorite of the three, but I really prefer to taste the particular expression of the bourbon in my Old Fashioned. The rum is interesting, and the addition of allspice sweetens an already sweet cocktail. Rye is too sweet for me, but will appeal to drinkers who like more sugar than rye.