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The exchange whiskey bar (301 Massachusetts Avenue, 317-943-5000) opened its second location, following a successful first venture in South Bend. The bar has over 180 whiskeys available for drinkers and connoisseurs, as well as a list of craft cocktails in approximately 3,000 square feet of dimly lit basement bar space, designed as a sweatshop.

Indianapolis residents will no longer have to dream of just brunch and booze on wheels that pull up their hood. The rooster’s kitchen deploys its brand new project: a food truck ready to bring you brunch. Life is about to become all about take out and pajamas again, and Rooster’s will never force you into panty tyranny without giving anything away.

baby (2147, rue N. Talbott, 317-931-1343), the almost unbearably adorable restaurant and bar near the north, has just made its debut on the melting patties, the Disco Melt. It combines Baby’s perfect smash pancake with the house’s disco sauce, as well as Swiss and American sourdough cheeses.

Meanwhile, at King Paste (452 N. Highland Avenue, 317-602-7960), the crew does an Impossible Patty Melt. It’s a plant-based patty between two thick slices of Texas toast with a vegan secret sauce, roasted mushrooms, arugula, pickled red onions and cheese, which can be substituted for the Be Beehiveit’s smoked mozzarella. They will add provolone for vegetarians. It’s one of the new items on KD’s fall menu, and hopefully the first shot fired in a city-wide pancake battle.

Chief Kyle Humphreys is hosting a ramen pop-up at Fishers Test Kitchen on October 15, 22 and 29, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Diners can choose from three creamy chicken-based ramen dishes flavored with finishing oils and any crispy spring rolls you can eat. Just in time for cooler nights and a comfortable dinner.

Today is the last late registration day for Hard Truth Hills’s Whiskey Chaser Trail Running Festival, where runners cycle 325 acres on three trails, including the infamous Shot Mile. This is a race designed for people with at least six distinct levels of physical and spiritual strength, but if you’ve made it this far in 2020, how harder could it be to run hills with a generous buzz?

Nesso (339 S. Delaware Street, 317-643-7400) has finally reopened its doors, after a long absence induced by COVID. A plate of pasta hasn’t left the pass since March, and many downtown diners can’t wait to scoop that squid ink pasta on their faces. Reservations are recommended if you plan to dine this weekend, as the much-missed CRG restaurant will be well subscribed.

Cluster truck, Chris Baggott’s local food delivery revolution, has seen significant growth in recent weeks. Its Broad Ripple location is open and ready to craft the perfect bespoke menu of burgers, Thai and Mexican, and their partnership with Kroger began at Fishers. For the uninitiated, ClusterTruck is a commissary kitchen style delivery model that maintains a tight delivery scope and uses software to perfectly time orders so they reach customers hot, crisp and never soggy or cold. The drivers never leave the car so you have to run to catch it from the curb, but it’s worth it for such a big improvement on anything wrong with delivery meals.

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