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Switchgrass Spirits in Wellston to launch bottled whiskey cocktail

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Bottled and canned cocktails continue to grow in popularity, and soon a market newcomer produced in the St. Louis area will be celebrating its debut.

Switchgrass spirits (6100 Idadale Avenue, Wellston), a new Wellston-based distillery, will help warm lonely hearts in February with the release of its first product.

Dubbed Copperhead, the 80s-proof Prohibition-era bottled cocktail is made with a blend of Switchgrass rye whiskey, citrus, herbs, spices and special Belgian candy sugar done in a classic “rock and rye” style. The cocktail is a popular “prescription” game in the 1920s known for its bite (hence the name).

“Our goal was to create a whiskey-based cocktail that was welcoming to all,” said Patrick Grosch, founding member and chief distiller of Switchgrass, in a recent statement. “Even if you don’t think of yourself as a whiskey drinker, we think you will enjoy Copperhead.”

When Copperhead releases next month, shoppers can sip a drink at the Whiskey Ring and Pat Connolly’s Tavern or grab a bottle at Parker’s Table or Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton.

Switchgrass, which is also celebrating its grand opening next month, specializes in high-quality whiskey and fruit brandies made as much as possible with local ingredients. The distillery is named after a native prairie herb that represents “the distillery’s basic support of the community, its commitment to the environment and its Midwestern pride,” the statement said.

“We are thrilled to be in St. Louis and Wellston because everyone has been so supportive of our new business development,” said Sarah Miller, founding member of Switchgrass.

More as we learn it.

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