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The Cigar & Whiskey Bar at the Maybourne Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA

The weather is almost always perfect. Maybe there is a slight chill at night. The pro gesture is to sit on the patio and watch the Beverly Canon Gardens below. There might be a concert. There might just be people lurking around. You can even imagine that you are in a European seaside resort. This is the new Cigar & Whiskey Bar at the Maybourne Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

This space cost £ 10 at the Montage Hotel. The Montage left in the summer of 2020 and the Maybourne took over. The hotel rooms are undergoing renovations and the living room has undergone a relatively modest makeover, and it’s so much better now. Enter the bar. The walls are dark wood and the small bar is lit to showcase bottles and glasses. There are leather chairs and red bar stools. Enter the terrace to reach four seating areas, each separated by curtains in its own space. Earth-toned sofas match the pale green fabric walls to create a serene environment. Each of the seating areas has vents above, intended to vent the smoke from the cigar you have chosen to light. The selection of cigars is the salon’s biggest improvement.

While the previous occupant had a respectable cigar list and an excellent choice of libations, the new lounge has a stellar bar menu and a superb cigar list. The latter, in large measure, is due to the fact that Maybourne partnered up with a local cigar store, V Cut, as the curator of their humidifier. The cigar humidor, with glass doors, is now recessed into the wall of the interior bar area of ​​the lounge, allowing visitors to see what they would like to smoke. It contains 1,000 cigars “with 64 variations of sticks,” according to the Maybourne.

The humidifier is stacked. Highlights include the Oliva Serie V Melanio in a Robusto ($ 30), the Torpedo, and the Double Toro ($ 35 each). The Arturo Fuente Hemingway line is represented by the classic ($ 35), the signature ($ 30), the short story ($ 25) and the best seller ($ 30). The Fuente family pantheon then moves on to Don Carlos # 2, Belicoso, Double Robusto and Presidente (from $ 26 to $ 35). If you have the idea that this is going to be a relatively expensive experiment, you are right. The God of Fire line weighs four vitolas between $ 65 and $ 75 a stick, the Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City Piramide $ 75.

Tatuaje, with his roots in Los Angeles, is well represented here with the 2003 Cojonu ($ 35) and three others. Ashton’s offerings include the ESG 22 Year Salute Pyramid ($ 55), a cigar you hardly ever see in any cigar lounge (except the Ashton Cigar Bar in Philadelphia). Another quasi-unicorn is the Andalusian bull La Flor Dominicana ($ 60). The Padróns are there too, including Family Reserve No. 44, No. 46, No. 50 and No. 85 (from $ 65 to $ 80.) Both from EP Carrillo Cigar lover Cigars of the Year are on the list, along with many more. Be sure to ask if there is anything special that is not on the printed menu.

Maybourne Hotel

The requirement at the Cigar & Whiskey Bar is that you have to spend $ 50 per person, an obstacle that you will overcome very easily. There is a $ 25 cutting fee if you want to smoke your own cigar.

Now you need to pair this cigar with a good drink. There is a lot to choose from, including some spectacular hard-to-find spirits. The bar started with 127 whiskeys, including 64 single malts, and is ramping up to 300. There are 11 house cocktails and 20 wines on the menu. Scottish Highland single malts range from a 12-year-old Highland Park ($ 18) to 1968 Highland Park ($ 760 for a two-ounce glass). The Islays range from the 12-year-old Bowmore ($ 23) to the 27-year-old Laphroaig ($ 165). Speyside’s offerings include a 40-Year Old Macallan ($ 1,260), one of many similar high-end Macallans. Six of them simply have “PUR” listed as the price. It means “Price on request”.

There are Japanese whiskeys, such as Hibiki 17 ($ 145) and Yamazaki 18 ($ 195); Bourbon highlights include Michter’s 20-Year Old ($ 175), Old Rip Van Winkle 10-Year Old ($ 175), and Van Winkle “Special Reserve 12-Year Old” ($ 250). Rye from Kentucky, Vermont, and New York is also available, as are Irish whiskeys and even Kavalan from Taiwan. Canadians seem to be mentioned symbolically, and rum might be a bit under-represented. The Cognac List, on the other hand, offers customers the option of spending up to $ 1,200 for a glass of Hardy Perfection, which sells in liquor stores for around $ 9,000 a bottle.

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The sum total of what the Maybourne Cigar & Whiskey Bar has put together is an experience hard to match in the United States when it comes to enjoying an evening of only the finest cigars and spirits. Perhaps the only downside is that the beautiful Italian Murano glass cigar ashtrays aren’t the best place to rest your cigar, which is brought to you on a silver tray. Each table gets nuts and cubes of Parmesan as a snack, but the menu here is limited and might only be worth it if you’re hungry. Fortunately, the salon will go out of its way to accommodate any food requests you may have at any of its restaurants. (Pick up some pasta at The Terrace.)

The Maybourne Cigar & Whiskey Lounge becomes one of four locations in Beverly Hills (including the private Grand Havana Room) where you can smoke a cigar. And he could well be in the top three in the country.

Cigar & Whiskey Bar at the Maybourne Hotel
Canon 225 N.
Beverly hills, california
Open all week, from 5 p.m. to midnight
Reservations required

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