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The duo behind Brother’s Bond Bourbon add a new whiskey to the lineup – Robb Report

Are you craving another brand of celebrity liquor? If so, you’re in luck.

Actors Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley launched brother link Bourbon in May 2021, several years after their long stint on The Vampire Diaries TV show over. And now, after some delays, they are bringing a raw version of bourbon to market, strong enough for hardcore whiskey fans but accessible to novices as well.

From the start, the two wanted Brother’s Bond to be a bourbon that anyone could drink, while maintaining a high standard of quality. The bourbon is produced at MGP in Indiana from a mashbill of 65% corn and 22% rye, the rest being wheat and barley, and bottled at 80 degrees. The new barrel-strength version is a limited version that boasts a 115.8 proof, which is loud but not high-octane enough to melt your face. “It was time to release this whisky,” Somerhalder said in a recent interview. “People asked, some of them even bitched.”

The purpose of releasing a cask strength bourbon was to introduce Brother’s Bond to drinkers who might normally avoid anything below 80 degrees, the lowest at which whiskey can legally be bottled. Wesley pointed out that many bourbon fans forgive that minimum ABV when it comes to brands like Basil Hayden, but for some reason they wouldn’t give Brother’s Bond a chance. “Early on, we knew we were going to get some of that from aficionados,” he said. “It will be more for purists who want to try whiskey in its natural form.” But according to Somerhalder, it works both ways. “Even at higher ABV, our flavor profile shines through, without looking like a goof, literally like a beacon in the night. People who don’t usually drink cask proof whiskey drink it saying, “Now I get it.”

The new cask strength bourbon

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When it comes to this celebrity liquor brand, they both claim to be aware of the pitfalls. “We’re aware of the stereotype of two guys slapping their names on a bottle of bourbon,” Wesley said. “And the only way to counter that,” Somerhalder added, “is with quality. You can argue with Paul and me and say we’re not good actors and we haven’t won an Oscar, but you can’t argue about the quality.

Wesley acknowledged that whiskey being 80s proof and the celebrity aspect can be unappealing to some. “Some people might say, ‘It’s a money grab,'” he said. “But the idea was just to introduce the bourbon to the consumer and not make it too hot, too strong. But we also knew that we were going to introduce other statements and proofs of age later, so we would have an offer for everyone.

A Brother’s Bond rye whiskey is also in the works, which Wesley says has similar DNA to the two bourbons they’ve already released (in other words, it won’t be a typical 95% MGP rye, but more in a Kentucky style with somewhere above 51 percent rye in the mashbill).

Brother’s Bond Bourbon Cask Strength will be available for pre-sale at reserve bar from July 19.