Whiskey price

The Flaviar whiskey subscription has many more options

When I first reviewed Flaviar’s whiskey delivery service in March 2020, we were living in a completely different world – pre-“Tiger King”, pre-Omicron and pre-President Biden. But times have changed, and so has Flaviar, which has expanded its service to offer three different levels of membership.

  • bottle hunter
  • Knowledge Seeker
  • All access

As you can imagine, each subscription has more benefits than the last, but we’ll start with what they have in common.

What you get with a Flaviar subscription

“From the beginning, Flaviar has been committed to creating a community,” explains Andrej Sinkovic, Flaviar’s spokesperson. “When it all started in 2012, the idea was basically an IMDb.com for spirits. Over time, it turned into a membership.

Whichever level of Flaviar membership you choose, you’ll have access to distillery tours around the world, as well as live and on-demand virtual tastings. If you’re new to these liquors, you can learn more about the drink than you already enjoy, and if you’re already a snob, you can smile smugly about any minor disagreements you might have. Seriously, do what makes you happy.

The Flaviar online store

Most importantly, it gives you free shipping on orders over $60 and a discounted price on liquors in the Flaviar store. How much of a reduction, you ask? Well, they can’t really tell.

Flaviar – Shop Selection

“Prices can vary widely by region, product, and distributor,” Sinkovic says. “We cannot guarantee uniform prices nationwide. When you enter your address at checkout, our system assigns your order to the cheapest possible vendor that can ship to your state.

Unfortunately, the only way to see how much you’re saving is to put whiskey in your cart on an anonymous account and then compare it to the prices of a connected account you’re using with another browser. But, just by browsing through my favorite liquors (like Ledaig 10 Year Old) with a temporary membership they gave me, I could see that the prices were comparable, or slightly cheaper, than my local stores – and with the free shipping, that makes it a tempting choice.

Who is Flaviar for?

Even with Flaviar’s free shipping and savings, I’d be hard pressed to drink enough booze in a year to make the subscription worthwhile for me – but I also live in Brooklyn, NY, within walking distance of walk from half a dozen high-end liquor stores with massive selections. If you live somewhere a bit more rural or are just new to exploring alcohol, Flaviar might be the cheapest and best way to explore a potential lifelong passion.