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The Lakes Distillery presents The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5

The Lakes Distillery in England recently added The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 single malt to its portfolio.

Aged in bespoke Oloroso, PX and red wine Spanish and American oak casks, The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 exhibits what is described as a sherry and woody characteristic.

The Lakes distillers were inspired by the cellar masters of the Cognac region of France to create a complex and deep whisky.

The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 (image via The Lakes Distillery)

In a prepared statement, the distillers noted that instead of sealing the oak and waiting for the outcome, they used patience and time to provide an intimate understanding of how each cask’s flavors develop.

By making frequent changes throughout the maturation of whiskey, whether moving the location of a cask or transferring the spirit between casks, distillers have sought to develop layers of flavor from which they could blend the final whisky.

Dhavall Gandhi, whiskey maker at The Lakes, said that with The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5, the team wanted to create a whiskey with a similar sherry profile to previous releases, but with certain characters retained to achieve a refinement of texture.

“It’s a whiskey with seductive aromatic notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit, and a smooth finish with complex layers of woody spice,” he said.

To celebrate the release of The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5, The Lakes Distillery has tapped into the imaginations of some of the world’s finest old-school whiskey makers.

Mixologists at Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar, Berkeley Bar & Terrace, Goring Cocktail Bar, Carlton Tower Jumeirah’s Chinoiserie and Corinthia London’s Northall Bar have used The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 to develop their own take on the cocktail of whiskey.

Each cocktail is designed to tell a story through the art of flavor creation, and they will be available from June 1 throughout the summer at any of these bars.

Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.5 is unchilfiltered, bottled natural color and achieves 52% ABV. It is available from www.lakesdistillery.com and from specialist whiskey retailers across the UK with a suggested retail price of £70.