Whiskey cocktail

The new “Little Book of Whiskey Cocktails” is now available

Author and professional bartender, Bryan Payment, is on a mission to share stories from the world of whiskey making and recipes for enthusiasts of all genres. Now available on the shelves is The Little Book of Whiskey Cocktails.

Cash is a professional bartender at Dunraven’s Restaurant in Estes Park, Colorado, as well as the author of Sports bar: cocktails and anecdotes about sports.

In a prepared statement, Payment explained that he takes a hands-on approach to exploring the different ways whiskey can be mixed and enjoyed. In his new book, published by University Press of Kentucky, he begins with a brief history of whiskey.

The Little Book of Whiskey Cocktails (image via University Press of Kentucky)

Payment answers the burning questions whiskey aficionados want answered, such as “What’s the difference between ‘whisky’ and ‘whisky’?” Does the bourbon have to come from Kentucky? How many times should Irish whiskey be distilled? »

His new book features 40 classic whiskey cocktail recipes and 10 original recipes in this pocket-sized reader. Each curated recipe is featured with details about the cocktail’s origins and features bartenders’ tips for mixing up the perfect concoction.

Payout includes award-winning recipes such as Paper Airplane, time-tested classics Old Fashioned and Rusty Nail, and handcrafted originals such as Scotch Smash.

“Payment pays homage to many classic whiskey cocktails and creates new drinks that connoisseurs will love,” said fellow author Albert WA Schmid, known for his Kentucky Bourbon cookbook. “This little book is filled with history and lore that surrounds many drinks and the author’s personal stories related to cocktail making. This book is a must for all whiskey cocktail enthusiasts.