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The New York Irish Whiskey Festival returns for St. Patrick’s Day

A whiskey lover’s dream

Saint Patrick’s Day is a major event in New York. There are parades, pub crawls, parties and more in every borough. And last week, the New York Irish Whiskey Festival returned to Manhattan on Saturday, March 12.and. The festival took place at The View at Battery Park and is an immersive experience dedicated to celebrating Irish whiskey with all guests in attendance. With over 25 Irish whiskeys, delicious bites and live music, the New York Irish Whiskey Festival was a huge success.

At this event, there were two floors filled with stalls and vendors who wanted to share their Irish whiskey with the guests in attendance. Guests could slowly sip and savor each individual whiskey at their convenience or even try one of the whiskey cocktails offered by select vendors. One of our favorites was the Lost Irish Whiskey cocktail called Lost GOLD. This drink is made with Lost Irish Whiskey, honey syrup and lemon juice. A simple cocktail that brought clean, crisp flavors to it. The oakiness of the whiskey played well with the honey syrup leaving a bright, subtle sweetness as a lingering note between each sip. Another favorite of ours was the Bushmills Original Irish Coffee. Made in the style of a traditional Irish cafe, there was whiskey, hot coffee and delicious sweet crema in this cocktail. The cafe itself had a lovely dark and the sweet cream added a sweet decadence to the cocktail that kept you hooked.

Overall it was great to explore the variety of Irish whiskeys around the world. Sipping each whiskey allowed guests to see the depth and ranges of flavor offered by Irish whiskeys. For all the whiskey lovers, be sure to stay tuned for next year’s New York Irish Whiskey Festival as it’s something you won’t want to miss.