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The Portland Regency Hotel opens a new whiskey bar in the Old Port

After a devastating year 2020 for many companies across Portland, there are signs that the outlook for 2021 may be much less gloomy. Several projects have been announced in recent days, from the expansion of Bissell Brothers at Thompson’s Point to the one you might have missed, the Portland Regency Hotel opening of a brand new whiskey bar.

Shared on Facebook by The Portland Regency Hotel & Spa, the new whiskey bar is called Iron Side. There weren’t many details available on what Iron Side had to offer other than the obvious selection of whiskeys. It is located inside the hotel lobby and will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Governor Mills easing curfew restrictions, their closing times may change.

With the opening of a new bar by the Portland Regency, people naturally became concerned that the Armory Lounge was no longer. This is not the case. The Armory Lounge is still standing and the Portland Regency has opened Iron Side as part of its strategy to bring more offerings to locals and guests. Iron Side Whiskey Bar joins Armory Lounge, Eighteen95 Restaurant and seasonal Garden Cafe in the Portland Regency premises.

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