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American rapper ASAP Rocky has entered the celebrity merchandise fray with his own new brand of whisky.

Multi-hyphenate artist Mercer, in collaboration with Prince Whiskey, has launched a blended Canadian whiskey co-developed with Global Brand Equities and E. & J. Gallo. In a press release, Rocky expressed his excitement about introducing his new brand to the world, saying:

“I’ve learned about whiskey from around the world over the past decade and wanted to challenge the rules to create something unique, while honoring and respecting industry traditions.”

ASAP Rocky further stated that he had wanted to launch whiskey for a few years but struggled to find a partner who would create the blend to the quality he envisioned.

ASAP Rocky Mercer and Prince Whiskey price and availability

Pre-orders for the product are now available exclusively through ReserveBar.com and the official site at $32. The whiskey will launch in retail stores this summer for $29.99. Additionally, ReserveBar offers free shipping to the first 1,000 customers.

Mercer + Prince’s distinctive look – designed by Rocky himself – features two built-in cups and a boxy shape, which can be stacked or laid to the side.

According to the brand, ASAP Rocky’s napkin sketch became a reality in the form of the bottle design, which featured ready-to-drink cups because they wanted customers to:

“Immediately open the bottle and pour a drink for themselves and a friend.”

Rocky added:

“The bottle I designed is made to connect with the contemporary consumer. Mercer + Prince has a smooth taste, disruptive packaging, and a name close to my heart. It is accessible to everyone and appeals to a diverse audience, which was very important to me.

Its name, Mercer + Prince, is inspired by two side streets close to Rocky’s heart in his hometown of New York.

Mercer + Prince’s distillery is also changing things up. The spirits are aged for a minimum of four years in ex-bourbon American white oak barrels, then “influenced” with Japanese Mizunara oak. According to the brand, this gives a smooth richness with hints of caramel and vanilla, as well as baked apple and cinnamon.

Global Brand Equities Founder and CEO James Morrisey said:

“Rocky is an intentional creator with a proven track record of innovation and I knew he would have the inventiveness to create a sophisticated yet disruptive consumer product.”

Morrisey also recounted the development process in the press release:

“We went from [Rocky] showing me a napkin sketch, to what later became the Mercer + Prince bottle, to onboard the best partner for this project, world leader, E. & J. Gallo.

Work-wise, ASAP Rocky recently collaborated with Lil Nas X on the official video for their 2021 release. wave godswhich also included DJ Premier and Hit-Boy.

On March 25, he will appear twice on streetwear icon NIGO’s album I know NIGO. He debuted a new AWGE and capsule earlier this month and attended the Gucci fashion show with Rihanna. The couple are expecting their first child together.

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