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Whiskey Review: Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by Grace O’Malley Spirits. This in no case, by our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. It should also be noted that by clicking the purchase link at the bottom of this review, our site receives a small sponsorship payment which helps support, but not influence, our editorial and other costs.

In honor of the 16and Irish Pirate Queen of the Century, former chocolatier Stephen Cope launched spirits brand Grace O’Malley Spirits in 2017. Frenchman and former winemaker Paul Caris is the master blender. In 2019, they released Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey, which became available in the United States in 2020. The brand is building a maturing warehouse in Dundalk, Ireland, and currently sources whiskey from the distillery. neighboring independent, Great Northern. Distillery. The entire Grace O’Malley Spirits range, which includes heather-infused gin, has received a range of awards, including the San Francisco Spirits Awards, San Diego International Wine & Spirits Awards and the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) .

Caris blended Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey using whiskeys aged three to ten years. The blend features a wide array of vessels, including French oak, ex-bourbon casks and ex-rum casks. It contains 46% malt, 40% double-distilled and 6% triple-distilled, which the producer describes as “one of the highest malt contents in the blended whiskey category”. Caris was inspired by the diversity of flavors available in the different cask types to create the profile, according to the producer’s promotional video. The resulting blend is well-balanced and harmonious, with no sharp bends or disjoints.

Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey is widely available across the United States thanks to a marketing push from Stephen Cope’s parent company, Inis Tine Uisce Teoranta (ITUT) and a multi-state partnership with one of the largest major distributors in the country, Republic National. Distribution Company (RNDC). The brand recently rolled out a new marketing campaign produced in-house by the all-female marketing team to highlight its support for strong women, with the aim of not creating a “female-only brand but rather… [to] remove the snobbery that may surround the category. It’s certainly welcoming and inclusive from a flavor perspective. At its heart, it’s a charming spirit that shows Master Mixer Caris’ ability to please a crowd.

Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey (image via Suzanne Bayard)

Tasting notes: Grace O’Malley Blended Irish Whiskey

Vital Stats: A blend of 3-10 year old whiskeys aged in various old rum, ex-bourbon and French oak containers, 40% ABV, mash bill: 46% malted barley, SRP $36.99 per bottle.

Appearance: It is a medium deep golden orange color.

Nose: Offers moderately light notes of dried cherries, malt sugar and vanilla on the nose.

Palace: A vague chemical flavor gives way to spicy notes of red cherries, caramel, vanilla and golden pineapple. The finish is moderate in length, showcasing dried cherry notes with lingering sweetness and a tannic, dry mouthfeel. It is an attractive whiskey with a nice smoothness and a pleasant finish. Nothing feels out of place, although it does lack some complexity.