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Whiskey Wednesday – Broken Top Straight Rye Whiskey

A Glencairn glass of Broken Top Straight Rye Whiskey from Sisters, Oregon.

Waterfall Spirits of Sisters, Oregon has branched out with its revamped line of broken whiskey. Currently, this brand of whiskey offers three options – Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Pure rye whiskeyand 113 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

We first came across Broken Top Whiskey by viewing numerous advertisements of its whiskey on various social media platforms and the brand piqued our interest. Today we take a look at its rye whiskey offering, Broken straight rye whiskey.

About a year ago, Broken Top renamed and updated its labels. The distiller has retired its scenic landscape label to replace one that’s a bit more retro and stands out more on the shelf. The update gives it a more refined and elegant appearance. The distiller has also expanded its range to include Pure rye whiskey.

Broken Top takes its name from a complex, glacier-eroded stratovolcano in the Three Sisters Wilderness just south of Sisters, Oregon. This mountain town of Sisters is also home to the distillery, where they package their whiskey.

We are inspired by the mountain range that surrounds our distillery. Our namesake, Broken Top, is found in the eastern segment of Oregon’s Cascade Range. An extinct stratovolcano, Broken Top’s distinct jagged silhouette is the result of glacial erosion. Our source water is naturally filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock inside the Cascade Mountains. The arid conditions and temperature variations, unique to the region, imbue each bottle with the essence of the Hautes Cascades. – Broken Whiskey

Broken straight rye whiskey was born and aged in the state of Indiana at an undisclosed distillery. Most likely its MGP, a large distiller known for producing various whiskeys, including a large amount of rye whiskey.

It’s over there in Indiana where Broken straight rye whiskey starts with a high rye mash bill. It is then aged in new charred American oak barrels for two years before being transported to Sisters, Oregon. Once in Oregon, it is cut with pure Pacific Northwest water from the Cascade Range to achieve its 87.5 proof and packaged in 750ml bottles that sell for $39.95 .

Broken straight rye whiskey pours a light caramel look that leaves a bit of leg in the Glencairn glass. Aromas of spice, vanilla and a touch of citrus are evident when the glass is brought to the nose. Then creamy spice flavors with oak, vanilla and emerge. After a second sip, some smoky flavor is faint on the back of the mouth. It ends with a pleasant spiciness that lingers in the mouth for a while that made us wait for another sip!

The coordinates of 44.08°N 121.70°W on the tape on the bottle of Broken Top Straight Rye Whiskey lead to Broken Top outside of Sisters, Oregon.
The coordinates of 44.08°N 121.70°W on the Broken Top Straight Rye Whiskey bottle cap strip lead to the Broken Top stratovolcano outside of Sisters, Oregon.

Recently, Broken Top Straight Rye Whiskey received a gold medal and was named Oregon Rye Distillery of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition.

Broken straight rye whiskey is available throughout Beaver State at liquor stores, restaurants, and bars. Use the OLCC liquor search to locate a bottle or visit the Wild Roots Tasting Room in Portland, Oregon or the Cascade Street Distillery Tasting Room in Sisters, Oregon to acquire one.

In addition to his Pure rye whiskeyBroken Top Whiskey also offers Straight Bourbon Whiskey at 87.5 proof and 113 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey priced at $39.95 and $44.95 respectively.

Follow Broken Top Mountain Whiskey on Facebook and Instagram or visit their website at Brokentopwhiskey.com.

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