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Wonderland Distilling launches limited edition single malt whiskey aged in apple brandy barrels

MUSKEGON, Mich. – Muskegon-based craft distillery Wonderland Distilling is launching its first-ever on-site distilled product, a limited-edition single malt whiskey aged in apple brandy barrels. Available exclusively at Wonderland’s Muskegon cocktail bar, they’re only available for 60 bottles, with members of the distillery’s Single Barrel Club and Rocks Society enjoying first-time access. Delivery of bottles to members from Thursday 20 January and open to non-members from Saturday 22 January.

Wonderland single malt whiskey aged in apple brandy barrels has strong apple pie notes with cookie accents. The spirit is sweet and velvety with a mouthfeel of rich fruit and baking spice and rich caramel notes on the finish. This limited edition spirit is bottled at 41% ABV (82 proof) and will be sold at the cocktail bar for $64.99.

“Among the opportunities in the American single malt category is its variability from one distiller to another. We see this as our chance to experiment and craft a distinctly Michigan single malt product that is as unique as the state we live in,” said Mark Gongalski, CEO of Wonderland Distilling Company. “For the more adventurous spirit drinkers, we are experimenting with aging in different cask types and new processes with some of our releases this year and we will have more exciting releases soon.”

This single malt version is the first Wonderland whiskey distilled and aged on site. Wonderland’s Aged in Apple Brandy Barrels single malt whiskey incorporates 100% Maris Otter malt, uses traditional distillation methods and takes the process a step further by aging the distilled product in apple brandy barrels, giving it richness and a distinct character.

“I’ve been using Maris Otter for 13 years,” said distiller John Walsh. “It was a fun project to make single malt with this grain. Apple brandy casks were a great way to finish this whisky.

Wonderland’s early releases of whiskey are created primarily from Michigan-distilled, individually aged rye and wheat whiskeys from partner distilleries across the state, hand-blended to create a specific taste profile. Wonderland also started distilling its own whiskey in 2020.

“Innovation and craftsmanship are key to our team,” said Allen Serio, Chief Marketing Officer. “We created Wonderland to make truly amazing and unique whiskey here in Michigan, and that’s what we strive to do here every day.”

Wonderland Cocktail Bar, located at 1989 Lakeshore Drive in the Lakeside neighborhood of Muskegon, serves craft cocktails created exclusively with Wonderland spirits, as well as local meals and small plates focusing on local ingredients. The cocktail bar can also create canned cocktails, which guests can enjoy at home or on their favorite Michigan adventure.

About Wonderland Distilling

Wonderland Distilling creates artisan spirits from Michigan ingredients – grains, fruits, botanicals and woods, combined with fresh Lake Michigan water and distilled in stainless steel stills with care and attention to detail. Wonderland was born in Michigan, born out of the desire for adventure to embody the passion for living a life without ties. Wonderland creates the finest spirits, distilled for the adventurous soul – an ode to the woods, water, fields and manufacturing history that makes Michigan great.

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