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Wonderland Distilling launches Rebel Road whiskey

Courtesy of Wonderland Distilling

A craft distillery joins forces with a motorcycle rally to benefit the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon on a limited-edition whiskey blend.

Muskegon-based Wonderland Distilling said Thursday (July 7) that it has partnered with Muskegon’s Rebel Road, a motorcycle rally, on limited-edition packaging of its pure whiskey blend to benefit the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon.

The distillery’s Rebel Road Reserve, created especially for the 2022 event, is the official whiskey of Rebel Road. The mix will be available in retail stores and restaurants across West Michigan starting this week, as well as in event bars during the festival, which is scheduled for Wednesday through Sunday July 13-17.

“Rebel Road is one of our favorite weeks of the year, and to have our whiskey selected as the official whiskey of the event this year is a huge honor that gives us a much bigger role in the festivities than ever before,” said said Allen Serio. , marketing director and co-founder of Wonderland Distilling. “Rebel Road Reserve pays tribute to all the bikers who participate in this event.”

Muskegon’s Rebel Road was founded five years ago to celebrate Muskegon’s motorcycle history and to support downtown Muskegon and the Child Abuse Council (CAC) of Muskegon County.

Consisting of breweries, restaurants, bars, a performing arts center, an arena, small shops, a gallery, hotels and other businesses, all proceeds from tents of CAC drinks from the five-day event around downtown Muskegon are going to CAC Muskegon County to support local kids.

Rebel Road Reserve, a blend of pure whiskeys, has been crafted using local rye, wheat and corn whiskeys from partner distilleries, hand-blended with purpose. The blend starts with a sweet nose of dark caramel and brown sugar, ending with a long caramel finish with a hint of fresh mint.

Wonderland Distilling makes whiskey, gin and vodka by hand in small batches and has a cocktail bar at 1989 Lakeshore Drive in Muskegon’s Lakeside neighborhood that serves cocktails created from Wonderland spirits and dishes. and locally sourced small plates.